MLL-ENL tutorial workflow

You can download the raw dataset along with all the notebooks (approx 43 MB) for this example using following link: Download

Extract the downloaded file to any folder. Once extracted, you will find the following directory structure:

├── analysis_data
├── notebooks
│   ├── 1_preprocessing.ipynb
│   ├── 2_mapping.ipynb
│   ├── 3_markers.ipynb
│   └── 4_control_mappings.ipynb
└── raw_data
        ├── MLL_ENL
        │   ├── barcodes.tsv
        │   ├── genes.tsv
        │   └── matrix.mtx
        └── WT
        ├── barcodes.tsv
        ├── genes.tsv
        └── matrix.mtx

Files with .ipynb extension are notebook files. If you do not already have a jupyter notebook server running, then open your terminal and type jupyter notebook. Your browser should open a new window automatically. Navigate to the notebook location and launch the notebooks. Start with 1_preprocessing.ipynb. That needs to be run first, followed by 2_mapping. After that, the last two notebooks can be run in any order.

Read static versions of the notebooks here: